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7 Reasons To Pick Us

The World is our Playground

With constant interaction with our longstanding global customers & suppliers, we understand and appreciate different cultures and work well with everyone!    

We provide a competitive package for total product acquisition

We understand that you have a targeted price for your product. With close to 20 years experience in this field, we will go the extra mile to ensure your project is well managed and in turn minimise your cost further. Also, we care for your needs and will customise according to your requirements.


The only way to serve YOU effectively & efficiently is to possess the know-how in both electronics and mechanical. We are knowledgeable in parts such as casting, plastic, sheet metal and metal thanks to our close relationship with our suppliers – our Business Partners. Regular discussions are carried out with our suppliers for us to increase our knowledge and understanding of the processes. This will help us to share with them if any improvements can be done. We will investigate and conduct further research if we are not familiar with the situation that we are facing and provide you an alternative solution.

We want to know YOU better..and distance is NO barrier!

Regular communication is our key principle. We prove that with our weekly conference calls and frequent emails to our current customers to ensure there is no communication breakdown. Rest assured our team is well-versed in English; therefore we will not be lost in translation!

QUALITY is our way of Life

Smooth handling of our operations as well as the quality of our products is extremely important to us. We do not only instill quality in our operation, but also in our culture, every decision and action we take.


With quality ingrained in the company, we strive to be professional in everything we do. In turn this will provide you with the Confidence and Trust in us.

Location is KEY

Penang is not only known for our beautiful beaches and our famous Laksa dish, but we are also strategically placed. We are considered a hub for the electronics industry and the third largest-economy region in Malaysia. Strategically located with an international airport in the island and sea port at the mainland, air and sea shipments are effortlessly arranged. We also have well maintained highway and railways that connect to our neighbouring countries; Singapore & Thailand. That makes it easy to source for new business partners and audit our suppliers.